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Diversity in the United States Essay

What information about diversity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to others in ways that you may not have in the past? Diversity in the united states in not something new here but in fact spans back many generations. Diversity is everywhere and no one can truly get away from it, but by accepting it a person can learn how to lead a better fuller life with variety of understanding for the people that come in contact with. I feel that the biggest thing I learned in this call about diversity is not that there is diversity but that there is a lot of work to be done to farther the peace action between the groups of people knowing this make me realize that the us is not yet a unity but is trying and gives me more will to make my voice heard that we need to start accepting one another. †¢Have you learned something new about your own racial, ethnic, or cultural history? My own racial, ethnic, or cultural history is a great big mess of origins, religions, and culture but this class made me realize that one I am not alone in time case and that I too as a person have boundaries that hold me back. For instance there is a glass ceiling which is â€Å"the barrier that blocks the promotion of a qualified worker because of gender or minority membership† (ch.3, pg. 78) this is not a barrier of race or religion or culture its based on gender and I being a women hinders my ability to progress in some areas of the working world. This is some thin that women from not just the United States have been fighting for but the United States I see ha made great strides to make things more equal and fair. †¢Trends in immigration will continue to shape the demographics of the United States. What will the U.S. population look like in the year 2050? Why do you think so? With the raising population factor and the immigrant that keep flowing in will make the melting pot a whole lot bigger making some big changes like the minorities becoming majorities and vies versa. In an article on CNN U.S. website had this to say â€Å"There’s going to be a very diverse minority population with large amounts of interracial marriage. What we’ll see is that the Anglo-Saxon population will no longer be the majority. I believe the mixed-race population will grow the fastest because compared to the past, interracial relationships are increasingly tolerated and considered OK by a large percent of the younger generations. It’s no longer strange to see a black and white couple at a restaurant together today. Yet someone visiting from the 1960s would be shocked.† (Kotkin,2010) this just comes to show you that there are a lot of changes in the works for this country. †¢What challenges does the United States face due to the diversity of its people? The United States is by far more diverse then other countries, on a larger scale and because of that many parts of this country has states with cities that are unintentionally segregated by race and culture. This type of living is ok but it also make be shy away from each other and not interact , thus giving way to discrimination and prejudice due to the lack of understanding of one another. With any type of misunderstanding can bring new problems to the table and this only made it hard to for the government to mandate a resolve for it, but if we could start mingling more intergrading more that misunderstand will start to disappear lessening the amount of discrimination in the country. †¢What are the benefits of such a diverse society? The benefits of such a diverse society in the United States is an amazing one and growing every day. The United States is a melting pot of races, cultures, religions, and sexual preferences in many forms and this all make for a great example that we can all get along. What I’m trying to say is that we are cutting out the misunderstanding between the categories of people and back down the boundaries that were set to control. We are not a country at war we are a country that is showing that it is possible to live in peace without letting discrimination and prejudice turn us against one another. In other wording the U.S. is showing that it’s ok to be one and to stand together and in time I think we will. †¢How can we foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United States? Pluralism is a state in which racial and ethnic categories, though distinct, have equal social standing. (Macionis, 2012 pg.84) So in stating what it is we are looking to foster gives us a better idea of what to expect if we do foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United States. Though to get there we need to teach, I mean really teach each other and about one another in every way form what we eat to how we celebrate traditions. We need to get everyone involved as much as possible, which means in schools, jobs, and community. By doing all of this we will have a better understanding of one another which well level out the minorities with the majorities and make acceptance easier all around. †¢In what ways does the media perpetuate stereotyping and prejudice? Provide examples to support your assertion. The media I feel perpetuates stereotyping and prejudice by ways of take on old way and making them fix into the new. This is still stereotyping, it is still racism, it is still discrimination and it is wrong, wrong because the media is not trying to help resolve issue of this topic but in an effect helping to create it. In this day and age that media is watched more than ever and it is teaching that it is ok to by this way or view people in such a light which can hinder the process of pluralism. In an article I found stated the following â€Å"Bradley Gorham researched this problem in the article â€Å"News media’s relationship with stereotyping† (2006). Gorham maintains that, â€Å"stereotypic images of Blacks persist in the dominant media†¦as a result; stereotypes are perpetuated within the culture in subtle, yet highly effectual ways† (Gorham, 2006, 289). In addition, a 1991 study conducted by Northwestern University on the images of races in local TV news programs, concluded that television stations serve to promote what researchers deem ‘modern racism’ or â€Å"the continued, though muted, antagonism between races† and that in their efforts to overcome racism, stations have actually served to worsen â€Å"racial hostilities† (Bowling, 2004).†(Henry, 2007) †¢In what ways does the media help foster appreciation for diversity? Provide examples to support your assertion. Though the media perpetuate some stereotyping and prejudice, it also does a lot of good. In the media you can find hundreds of advertisements that are out there to help the progression of unity and pluralism, but also television shows and documentaries that have made huge strides to fight for the right of everyone and show real depictions of how much easies life could be if we just all got along. A great film called Life in a Day, which is a film that is compiled of thousands of people throughout the world on one single day, the 24th of July. The Director Macdonald said that the film focused on a single day â€Å"because a day is the basic temporal building block of human life—wherever you are,†(Watercutter, 2011) this is a view of how truly alike we all are and its film like this that make the media help foster appreciation for diversity. †¢How might individuals and the United States work together to reduce prejudice and increase appreciation for diversity? We a people need to make a point to make an act of kindness every day towards those that need help and teach our children our adults of the future to be blind of race, religion, culture, and anything else and learn to fight for one another in every way possible. I feel that one good act of kindness or one good stand of what is right can create a beautiful butterfly effect of future unity and pluralism. Other things that might work is to mandate regulations of team working in company’s and schools so to in a sense force unity in the work place making those who normally would not work together to work side by side and see firsthand the they are on different from one another. †¢How might you change your own behaviors to be more inclusive and pluralistic? My behaviors to be more inclusive and pluralistic has started many years ago when I was 12, our cool had a school meeting to discuss the issue our school was having with discrimination and exclusion of students into due to their differences. The principal ask if any of us had any ideas that we felt could and I stated that instead of selling the extra land the school was trying to sell and make it into a team working ropes course and it was voted on and created and still used today. I have always found ways to help others get along and or view things difference, I make a point to set an example for my child and any one the needs an example of how to be a good human not just a person. In this day and age there still is many issue related to discrimination and prejudice that need to be resolve and yes it will take time but one step can lead to many running towards the better good of mankind ,unity, and pluralism of the country and maybe someday the world. So let’s stop the perpetuation of discrimination and prejudice and being the progress to unity and pluralism. â€Å"Pluralism that is, the conception that there are many different ends that men may seek and still be fully rational, fully men, capable of understanding each other and sympathising and deriving light from each other.† – Sir Isaiah Berlin The Crooked Timber of Humanity,’The Pursuit of the Ideal’. Chapter 3, Racial and Ethnic Groups, Thirteenth edition, by Richard T. Schaefer. Published by Merrill Prentice Hall. Copyright  © 2012 by Pearson Education, Inc What will America look like in 2050? July 02, 2010|By Liane Membis, CNN  © 2012 Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Social Problems, Census Edition, Fourth edition, by John J. Macionis. Published by Merrill Prentice Hall. Copyright  © 2012 by Pearson Education, Inc. Racial Profiling in the Media: Investigated Through a Ritualistic Lens By: Sylvia Henry, COMM 3210: Human Communication Theory, University of Colorado at Boulder, Fall, 2007 Gorham, B. (2006). News media’s relationship with stereotyping: The linguistic intergroup bias in response to crime news. Journal of Communication, 56, 289-308. Bowling, D. (2004). The problem with MWP news stories: Are missing persons news? i f so, why only missing white people? Retrieved October 10, 2007 from MSNBC: Watercutter, Angela, â€Å"Life in a Day Distills 4,500 Hours of Intimate Video Into Urgent Documentary† (WebCite archive), Wired magazine, July 29, 2011. The Crooked Timber of Humanity,’The Pursuit of the Ideal’, by Sir Isaiah Berlin published 1959)

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Hunting snake Judith Wright Essay

The main subject of the poem is the sudden appearance of the snake and the surprised reactions of the poet and her companion. The snake does no harm to the walkers and they in turn do not harm the snake. As an environmentalist, Wright sought to preserve the natural surroundings in Australia. She cared intensely for the Aboriginal people who lived in close intimacy with nature which the settlers did not. The poem, on the surface, is about the sudden appearance of the snake but it could also be about the various creatures that lived in Australia and the animal friendly way of life of the aboriginal people. The initial emotion that overtakes the poet and her companion is shock or surprise. They are walking along a grassy patch (not a jungle) when they see the snake â€Å"reeling by†. Soon this surprise is overtaken by admiration for the perfection of its body, the symmetry of the scales on its surface and the single minded (â€Å"fierce intent†) pursuit of its prey. Structure The poem has a tightly controlled structure that does not permit much innovation. The beginning of the poem describes a peaceful scene when nature is full of the mellow sunshine of autumn, then comes the surprise of finding a snake in their midst. But there is no sudden movement or strong emotion expressed so there is no change in the structure either. The poem has four quatrains with a traditional rhyme scheme of abab, cdcd, efef in the first three stanzas but the fourth stanza is ghhg. The change in the last stanza is like the letting out of breath (â€Å"We took a deeper breath of day,†) after having unconsciously held it while the snake was around. Thereby emphasising the relief that the observers felt. If you extend beyond the surface level meaning, you could explore the symbolism here: is Wright challenging the attitude that we have towards the indigenous Aboriginals, by highlighting the judgement that the observers have made (that the snake is dangerous) when in actual fact, it is just going about it ´s daily life? Are we too quick to make a judgement on a people group that has different values  to us? You might like to link this to A Different History, as the Brits coined the category, â€Å"Aboriginal Australians† after they begin colonising Australia in 1788. Notice how language is used to form stereotypes. Language The language used is very simple but the imagery is strong making it a visceral poem. The choice of sibilants (â€Å"we scarcely thought; still as we stood†) mimics the movements of the snake to highlight the immediate fear that the observers feel towards it. Again, are we afraid of what we don ´t fully understand and therefore, make unnecessary judgements? Imagery The use of strong imagery marks the poem. The opening images are of a balmy day in autumn when there is a â€Å"mellow fruitfulness† everywhere. The calm is broken by the sudden arrival of the snake. The picture of the snake in single minded pursuit of its prey, tongue darting as it feels the ground, the grass parting as it moves through are pen pictures which allow us to â€Å"see† the event. The poem focuses on the event rather than the narrator allowing us to share in the emotions. Symbolically, is Wright encouraging us not to impulsively respond to our immediate reactions when faced with something unknown, or something that we don ´t fully understand, so that we reflect upon our preconceived notions about a person/situation? Thus, is she challenging the stereotypes surrounding the Aboriginies? Movement / Rhythm The rhyme scheme is a simple abab, cdcd, efef and ghhg. The rigidity of the scheme allows the poet to focus on the event rather than on the emotions or the feelings of the poet. The movement of the snake is copied in the movement of the lines and the sibilants evoke a slithering sensation. Sounds Alliterative and sibilant sounds as in â€Å"sun glazed his curves of diamond scale†, â€Å"we scarcely thought; still as we stood† convey the impression of a slithering movement of the snake as it moved fast over the grass. These  devices continue to relate to the relationship that humanity has with nature: we should respect nature, the natural world and the people who live in it. Figures of Speech Through an extended metaphor, the poet tells us of the symbiotic relationship between the snake and man. There is no maudlin talk about the prey or the cruelty of the snake as a hunter but merely an acknowledgement of the sense of purpose behind the movement of the snake. Mainly, Wright depicts this symbiotic relationship so that man reflects upon his treatment of a) the natural world around him and b) the indigenous people group found in a country.

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Case Study for North Country Auto

Case Study for North Country Auto, Inc. North Country Auto, Inc. was a franchised dealer and factory-authorized service center for Ford, Saab, and Volkswagen. The company maintains its competitiveness by providing full services to its customers. For customers looking for a car, the North Country Auto not only provided options for new cars from those three brands, but also provided options to buy used cars from it. In addition, for customers with cars, the company can provide a variety of services to their car, such as service and repair under warranty or at the customers’ expenses. Example service and repair work are quick oil change, auto repair, the body shop work and auto parts supply. Recently, the company adapted a new control system as a strategy to improve its sales and increase its profit. There were five departments within North Country Auto: the new car department, the used car department, the service department, the parts department and the body shop. Originally, these five departments operated as part of one business. And the performance of each department was not individually evaluated. Under the new control system, all five departments operated as an individual profit center. The owner assumed that, by doing this, all managers of the five departments would be encouraged to increase their departments’ profit so as to have better evaluation and better income. However, under this new control system, there were still problems needed to be dealt with, because the business conducted by these departments affected each other. In this case, if one department tried to maximize its profit, it may affect the profit of other departments. For example, when the new car department manager tried to sell a new car, he would offer a very high trade-in price for the customer’s used car so as to attract the customer. If this high trade-in cost was allocated to other departments, it would be unavoidable that the cost of those departments would increase and their profit would decrease. Therefore, the questions raised from this case would be: should all departments be treated as an individual profit center; and how the transfer price should be set between the departments; as well as how to correctly allocate the cost among different departments. In my opinion, I think the parts department and the body shop should not be considered as the profit centers, since most demands for these two departments were from service department. If these two departments tried to maximize their profit, it would be very difficult for the service department to maintain high profit. In my opinion, the parts department and the body shop should be considered as cost centers. In addition, the transfer price among all departments should be the market price instead of another price determined internally. And any losses on inter-departmental business like trade-ins should be proportionally allocated to three profit centers: the new car department, the used car department and the service department. In addition, under the current control system, the year-end bonus of each department manager was based on his/her department’s performance. The profit to be evaluated was the department’s gross profit instead of its net profit. This evaluation method may encourage all managers to focus on selling activities only. They may ignore other important responsibilities such as cost control or reduction, as well as inventory control. Therefore, I think the evaluation for each department’s performance should be based on the net profit. This would encourage the managers to be responsible for overall cost control and profit-making.

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Influence of American Culture on the Rest of the World Essay

Influence of American Culture on the Rest of the World - Essay Example American style of dressing was distinctly known for its informality and casualness. Now we see the whole world dressing up like that. People, all across the world, now prefer to wear American brands. For example, Nike, which is an American brand, now has its market all over the world. People now dress for convenience. They wear traditional clothes and costumes on rituals but on normal days, they go for jeans and western wear which is again American way of dressing. Levi Strauss, a San Francisco based producer of jeans, introduced the idea of jeans as durable clothing, and now there is hardly anyone in this world who does not have a blue jean in their wardrobe. In 1993 Levi Strauss operated 700 plants in 60 countries making 200 different styles of blue jeans alone (New Internationalist, 1998). American designers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne and many more are now gaining popularity in the world market. Another way how American Culture has influenced the world is through television. American channels are broadcasted all over the world either in English or translated. Every house, all over the world, now has easy access to these channels which promotes American culture. American television shows are watched all over the world and people become fans of the actors. ... These channels and movies have influenced countries all over the world. Soaps, late night television shows and reality shows which were once what America's television was known for is now a part of television channels all over the world. Americas Next Top Model, American Idol, Deal or No Deal, So You think You can Dance and Who Wants to be a Millionaire are some shows which have influenced the world to such an extent that similar shows are being produced in countries all over the world. FoodFast food was a definite feature of American Food. McDonalds, Burger King, TGIF. All of these once used to be what only the Americans used to eat. But this has also changed. All the names mentioned above now have franchises globally. Antarctica is the only continent without McDonald and it has over 30,000 locations all over the world. (Associated Content, 2006). People all over the world now think of fast food as cheap and convenient which is why it is getting so popular.However, lately, the Americans have realized the importance of diet and healthy food. People all over the world are now following them by understanding the importance of organic food and changing their eating habits. Starbucks Coffee which was one a distinct characteristic of the American lifestyle is now recognized and is gaining popularity at a global level. Lastly, because of how time is changing, people from all over the world are learning from Americans and Microwave Food is gaining popularity throughout the world. Language English was basically the language for the British but since the American culture is a mix of a lot of cultures from all over the world, it became the language for Americans as well. Now we see that the world has started to adopt

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Thesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Thesis - Essay Example est footballers of all time is currently the president of Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).1Further, football has become a big business game, and all of the English Premier League clubs are currently listed on the London Stock Exchange. By purchasing popular players from different parts of the world, especially Asia, and by holding their training camps in different parts of the world, i.e., effectively touring, clubs are using strategic marketing, thereby creating a significant source of income. This is due to the large population and the rapid development in economic terms of countries to which they are marketing (Ashton-Jones et al., 2008:a). For example, the first appearance of Chinese Lie Tie and Sun Jihai in the English Premier League was broadcast in more than 700 million Chinese homes (Desbordes, 2006, p. 7). On the other hand, leisure activities have been proven to be â€Å"a normal good;† i.e., the demand for leisure increases with increasing income. Research has also shown that the residents of the wealthiest countries spend more time engaging in leisure activities, such as football (Houston and Wilson, 2002).2 Contemporary indication shows that economic prosperity may lead to sporting success than the other way around. Recent evidence indicates that after 1996 since the Bosman ruling, the success in football is dominated by the England ´s richest four teams (i.e. Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea) called â€Å"the big four†. The dominance of these teams since 1996 has led to think that economic prosperity may lead to sporting success in football. Thus, whether economic prosperity leads to sporting success in the case of football or vice versa is unclear and needs to be proved empirically. This is needed to find out the contributing factors for the widening splits between richer and poorer football clubs. This can be considered as a type of inequality between haves and have-nots in football market. This inequality is now

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Ethical, Legal, or Sociocultural Issues Assignment

Ethical, Legal, or Sociocultural Issues - Assignment Example In the context of counseling, ethics is referred to as the philosophical discipline concerned with the standards that govern conduct perceived to be acceptable by a culture or society. Ethical considerations for carrying out testing and measurement, in any psychological context, from a participant perspective should include informed consent obtained from all the participants, voluntary participation and adhering to confidentiality of participant information like identity. Legally, all psychometric tests and measurements have to be performed by competent test users according to the regulation. According to the International Test Commission (ITC), â€Å"A competent test user will use tests appropriately, professionally, and in an ethical manner, paying due regard to the needs and rights of those involved in the testing process, the reasons for testing, and the broader context in which the testing takes place† (Dobbie & Fitzgerald, 2003). Abiding by the ethics codes such as confidentiality, right to informed consent, and voluntary participation are also covered under legal boundaries. From a sociocultural perspective, biasness in testing and measurement is the most common possibility. The psychologists involved in testing should have sensitivity, knowledge, and skills to work with individuals and groups with a diverse range of strengths and needs from a variety of racial, cultural, ethnic, experiential, and linguistic backgrounds. With this expertise, the psychologists will be able to reduce and/or eliminate possible biasness caused by these sociocultural norms, thereby helping participants of all backgrounds feel welcomed and appreciated in the group (NASP, 2000). The AMCD multicultural counseling competencies (Toporek et al, 1996) also advocates the counselor to educate their clients on the intention of psychological interventions such as goals, expectations, legal rights and the counselor’s

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Case Study - Business Communication Experience

- Business Communication Experience - Case Study Example In contrast, the two-way management communication system encourages employees to put their maximum potential and avoid under-performance; this approach develops a sense of ownership in employees. In the following parts of the paper, first both management communication systems of two managers have been discussed. It is followed by the segment mentioning more effective manager. After the parts of impact on the communication systems and implications of both approaches, a conclusion has been provided. Management Communication Systems of Two Managers Both managers use different approaches for communication purposes. While working in Unisys Corporation as a Controller in Accounting, I observed that the manager was using the one way management communication approach. It is a form of communication in which a person sends a message to another person without expecting any question, feedback or interaction to follow (Nelson and Quick, 2013, p. 283). In this approach, he did not require my or an y other employee’s feedback. In this approach, it is assumed that managers develop an opinion that his or her message would be adequate and clear to the receptors; they consider that by using a precise and clear language, the decision will be accordingly understood and complied by the receptors. However, my experience in this organization convinces me that this management communication strategy remains considerably less effective and defective as the managers do not take into account the required feedback of their sub-ordinates and other employees and this creates a gap, which leaves unfavourable and less constructive effects on the organizational communication, goals and objectives. In contrast to the above mentioned managerial communication approach, the manager at Maverick Real Estate employs feedback communication approach, known as the circuit communication, which requires that feedback is highly essential for entertaining the objective of effective managerial communicat ion strategy. It is also known as a two-way communication occurs when the receiver extends feedback to the sender (Miller and Braswell, 2011, p.16). Additionally, this approach begins with the presupposition that the manager must know and understand problems that employees are encountering in fulfilling the tasks assigned and their views and opinions relating to their official duties and responsibilities. In addition to that, the manager behaviour remained professional and competent. I did not feel much hesitation and the presence of professional managerial behaviour enabled me to come into contact with the manager and discuss matters relevant to my job description. This scenario was totally absent in the above mentioned previous employment where I remained less comfortable and more fearful due to the less accommodating behaviour shown by the manager at Unisys Corporation. While working as a broker in the Maverick Real Estate, the manager used the intranet for the purpose of effecti ve and prompt communication between and among the staff members. More Effective Manager The manager at the Maverick Real Estate remains more effective in comparison with the manager at the Unisys Corporation. First, the behaviour of the manager created a congenial and employee friendly workplace environment. In which, every employee considers himself or herself to be an important part of the organization. It motivates and increases the level of confidence. With this